One day chicken for fattening



0.91  SU PVM


Cobbo’s commitment to genetic improvement continues to increase productivity potential in all areas of broiler and broiler production. However, in order to achieve both genetic potential and steady growth of the herd, it is important that the farm has a good management program. Cobb’s global success has provided the knowledge and experience to raise chickens in a variety of climates.

COBB – 500 benefits :

  • Great conversion.
  • Great growth rate (we grow in 41-42 days).
  • White hair and genetically yellow skin.

This competitive breeding bird cross-genes provide white feathers and genetically yellow skin, so even when fed with conventional feed, the pigmented skin of the finished carcass is always yellow. Compared to other crossbred broilers, the COBB 500 has higher productivity and lower fattening period. The average weight of 1.9 kg in 35 days should be 2.4 kg in 42 days. Crossbreeds The COBB 500 is considered the most efficient crossbreed in broilers worldwide.