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We are proud to say that our company has been in existence since 1998 and employs more than 80 people. The previous name of the company was “Dovainonių paukštynas”, but in September 2016 we decided to change the name to “Rumšiškių paukštynas”.

UAB “Rumšiškių paukštynas” was one of the first poultry farms in Lithuania to start using modern import equipment for hatching chickens and feeding and watering birds and maintaining the microclimate. Thanks to European support funds, the company has modernized chicken hatcheries, broiler and breeding poultry farms. The feed production workshop has also been modernized, therefore the poultry farm is currently supplying its own production feeds and supplies them to its units.

Rumšiškės poultry farm units are spread throughout the Kaišiadorys district, approximately 50 kilometers from the main headquarters. Units are fragmented to prevent the spread of various diseases among chickens, such as bird flu. The subsidiary UAB Antalgės Paukštynas also divided its farms between districts: Utena, Molėtai and Anykščiai. Because large-scale production does not take place in one place, there is less dust and gas pollution.

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Customer satisfaction. Sell healthy and meaty chickens that would keep the breeder out of trouble. Advantages of our current chickens:


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