Slide VIŠČIUKAI.LT LITHUANIAN POULTRY FARM We have more than fourteen farms in different corners of Lithuania. We are happy to offer chickens born and raised in Lithuania. Slide Breeding chickens for fattening COBB - 500 Since 1998 we are engaged in the breeding and sale of breeding chickens.
The main buyers of our chickens are farmers and meat processing company ŽŪB "Nematekas".

Products of our farm

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Inkubaciniai kiaušiniai

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    The story of chickens

    Egg emergence

    The subsidiary UAB “Antalgės paukštynas” raises breeding hens (COBB-500 and ROSS-308). One rooster takes care of 9 hens. More than 10 million high-quality hatching eggs are collected at Antalgė Poultry Farm. Our employees collect the eggs and transporting with special transport to the incubation unit.


    Chicken emergence

    In the incubation unit, one third of the eggs are sold for research, the rest are kept in the incubation unit and wait for the chickens to hatch. Once the chickens have hatched, the workers put them responsibly in transport boxes and special transport transports the chickens around the farms.


    Chickens growth

    Before the chickens come to the farm, our employees prepared the farm: peat is spread, the room is heated, innovative drinkers and feed containers are prepared. When the chickens arrive, they are released on one of the prepared farms where they grow. With the help of staff and smart farms, the chickens are cared for and the sick chickens are treated by a team of veterinarians using medicines or herbs.


    Sale of chicken

    Some growing chickens are sold in the first few weeks because many of our buyers want to raise them on their own farm. The other part is sold to the meat processing company ŽŪB “NEMATEKAS”, which produces healthy meat products from our chickens.

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