For everybody interested in growing broilers

JSC „Dovainoniu paukstynas“ hatches and sells one-day old  Cobb- 500  broilers for everybody who wishes to grow them.
In our company you are able to purchase desirable quantity of these chickens any time of the year. We should agree on time, quantity and price in advance. The hatchery is capable of hatching about 800 000 units of chickens every month and we deliver the cargo by ourselves. The one-day old chickens are vaccinated according to clients demands.

If you are a small grower and require a small quantity of chickens for your needs, you can contact our hatchery directly:

Jurgita Krasniakova, hatchery manager:
Cell phone +370-686-35173
Phone +370-346-46526
Fax +370-346-46531

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