About us

Joint stock company “Dovainoniu paukstynas” was established on the 2nd of December 1993. The company started its activities with hatching and selling one-day old chickens. At the moment, the company is specialized on hatching and raising  Cobb-500 broilers .

The experience from foreign countries shows that decentralized production is the most profitable way of poultry farming. Following this approach and avoiding intense concentration of birds in one place, the danger of bird diseases and the pollution of the environment decreases. JSC “Dovainoniu paukstynas” follows this philosophy. The global practice shows, that parent stock and broilers are grown separate on isolated farms. JSC “Antalges paukstynas”, our daughter company,  situated in Utena and Moletai regions, 130-160 km from Dovainonys, has the parent stock and delivers the hatching eggs.

At the moment, JSC “Dovainoniu paukstynas” specializes in growing broilers. After many experiments, the broiler breed Cobb-500 of the company Cobb-Vantress Inc was chosen. This breed is one of the most popular breeds in the world; it has the finest characteristics of growth and succulence. JSC “Dovainoniu paukstynas” is cooperating closely with the representative of Cobb Vantress Inc for the Scandinavian and the Baltic states – the Swedish company Cobb- Sweden ( former Blenta AB) . This company provides “Dovainoniu paukstynas” with high quality parent stock . Both companies closely cooperates with exchanging innovations and experience.

Using SAPARD fund, the all broiler growing facilities of “Dovainoniu paukstynas” were modernized. New broiler chickens feeding, watering, heating and ventilation system, provided by VDL Agrotech (Holland), was mounted in 15 units of the main farm. In Staniunai, Prazariskes, Kairiskes, Lapainia, Morkunai and Paparciai broiler chickens farms, together with Dutch company VDL Agrotech, equipment of Italian companies SKA,  Codaff is used. Thus, the poultry farms reached a global technology level of broiler growing and significantly widened poultry production.

Since 1998, we are closely cooperating with Pas Reform BV (Holland), our hatchery equipment provider. In 2005 project of modernizing of chicken hatchery was completed, and only new Pas Reform BV equipment – modern computerized setters and hatchers – are in use.

JSC “Dovainoniu paukstynas” has close productive relations with agricultural company “Nematekas” – the two companies make a factual alliance. “Nematekas” poultry slaughtery is one of the newest and most modern in Lithuania. JSC “Nematekas” buys all broiler chickens grown in JSC “Dovainoniu paukstynas”, slaughters, processes and  sells the production in its distributive trade. Thus, the broilers, raised in JSC “Dovainoniu paukstynas”, reach not only the outermost regions of Lithuania, but also various European markets.

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